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Tailored Solutions

For a Clarified Financial Life

Build Wealth

The Way You Want

At Massie Financial Planning, our approach doesn’t start with what you have. It begins with where you are and what is likely to happen in the future.

We uniquely bring together all of the resources you need, not just financial. We see around the corners for you and can bring a full stack of solutions. From the conversations you need to have, to the documents to get in place, to the existing resources that can lighten your burden and provide a safe, graceful aging process.

We wrap all of that into a financial plan that gives you the flexibility to do what you need to do while keeping your family and your lifestyle intact.

Investment Management

Taking into account your tolerance for risk, along with the means to help you achieve your financial goals, our team works to develop a portfolio that is designed specifically for you and the objectives you have in mind. 

Retirement Planning

From cash flow to Social Security, your retirement chapter is full of complexities that rely on advanced planning and preparation. We understand how intimidating these details can be, which is why we approach your post-work chapter with a straightforward process in order to help you achieve your long-term goals. 

Long-Term Care Planning

You’ve worked hard to save your wealth and have long-term goals you’d like to achieve. In order to do so, we’ll work with you to clarify your objectives and outline the details so that you can afford medical expenses and more so that you can live the life you’ve dreamed of. 

Insurance Optimization

As a team, we work to provide you with cost-effective insurance options that are appropriate for you, your loved ones and your assets. By preparing now for unexpected scenarious, we’ll help you and your family avoid future financial concerns. 

Tax Planning

In order to effectively reach your goals, we’ll help you minimize any tax hurdles that may be in the way. Working together, we will review your tax return and offer recommendations on how to maintain your hard-earned wealth. 

Estate Planning

Working closely with you and your attorney, we will establish and/or maintain your estate plan. And, through private trust services, generational planning and a variety of strategies, we will help guide you through this critical component of wealth management.

Education Planning

Our team will help you plan for the future of your children and grandchildren when it comes to educational and financial success. Together, we can lay the foundation for you and your loved ones.

Here’s Who We Help:

Dave & Ellen


Ages 46 and 44

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George & Sarah


Ages 66 and 63

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Our Costs

We primarily work with clients who have investment assets they would like to have professionally managed as part of their financial plan. We also offer a flat fee arrangement to accommodate clients who need financial planning services, but do not have investable assets that can be managed. 

Assets Under Management ($)
Annual Rate (%)
$0 - $1,000,000
Next $4,000,000
Next $5,000,000
Above $10,000,000

Life’s Biggest Financial Decisions Can Be Blurry

We help you get clarity and get back to doing more with your money, family and life.

Whether you are facing a crisis and need immediate remedial help or anticipating one down the road and want to head it off, our difference is that we listen, and then we pull every lever for you. It’s a comprehensive approach that no other firm can match.

We aren’t focused on financial advice – we are focused on keeping you in the driver’s seat so you - and your parents - can maintain autonomy through every stage of life.

Let’s Get Started