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FREE Guide that answers your question “How Can I Live Well Now and Be Prepared for an Amazing Retirement?” Gain clarity about how much you can spend now and still achieve all your retirement goals!

Discover How to Retire with Financial Stability While Caring for Aging Parents Without Any of the Usual Confusion, Frustration, or Worry of Being in the Sandwich Generation

How to make your money work harder, protect your family, and achieve your retirement goals using little-known strategies you can’t find in Google search. 

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Gain clarity about how much you need to live well now and still achieve all your retirement goals. 

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This Free Guide reveals how much you need to live well now and still have an amazing retirement with enough to care for aging parents, handle sudden health-related long-term care, and even spend on travel just by choosing the right investments, mitigating tax liabilities, and navigating education funding. 

What You Will Discover

7 flexible financial planning options to do what you need to do while keeping your family and lifestyle intact.

How to help care for your parents even if you feel that you don’t have a good grasp on your financials for retirement.

How to protect your family with proper estate planning, POA, and incapacity planning as a will doesn’t cover everything!

Single, divorced, and widowed? Having the right professionals in your corner can be a game-changer.

Little-known strategies that reveal your optimal retirement income plan even after you have done lots of things ‘right’.

Discover how you can take that coveted big trip, make house additions, pay for increased health costs, and live life to the fullest while also saving for the future.

Your Fiduciary + Fee-Only Financial Planner

Tom Massie

Founder And Managing Director

Tom is a seasoned and certified financial planner and the Founder and Managing Director of Massie Financial Planning. He is known for his patience, financial planning expertise, emotional intelligence, and commitment to quality over quantity.

Tom decided to establish his solo boutique firm Massie Financial Planning after getting burned out serving more than 700 people during COVID. He specifically serves those transitioning into retirement or navigating the challenges of caring for loved ones. And he does this by offering personalized retirement financial planning that empowers you financially in retirement. His personalized retirement plans protect you and your family by:

  • Transferring certain risks to insurance companies
  • Emphasizing POA and incapacity planning as wills don’t cover everything
  • Proper estate planning
  • Flexible financial planning options that keep your lifestyle intact
  • A fee-only unbiased review of your existing insurance policies and if you have the right amount of coverage

Join Tom for financial empowerment even after you retire, through your optimal retirement income plan!

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